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Expert Systems Informatics Company was established in 2004 and has become a milestone for computer and technology pioneers and lovers by achieving a remarkable advantage in the establishment of communication networks, sales and maintenance of computer parts with various types. The journey of Expert Systems Informatic Company, which tries to meet all the needs of its customers, has progressed confidently with the trust of God. As a result of the executives desire to have knowledge in all areas related to the continuous improvement and technology sector, the company entered the wholesale computer parts sales sector. In 2019 the Expert Systems Informatic Company, which has officially started working in the fields of programming, information security and project studies under the name of Expert Systems Group, relying on new experiences and benefiting from the work environment of a country such as Turkey; which its name has been shining in the past two decades and which its experience has been taught in international universities, powerfully returned to conduct its activities. Company managers believe that this progress, development and the fields entered reflects the desire of this people of keeping up with the current developments, offering different services and even going beyond the current situation by creating innovative software solutions in order to be one of the leading companies in this field. Relying on God and our experienced staff, we will continue to work in all commercial, economic and software fields with the goal of providing the best quality products at the lowest cost to our customers.

Car Features

Airbag Airbag FM Radio FM Radio
Power Windows Power Windows Sensor Sensor
Speed Km Speed Km Steering Wheel Steering Wheel

Gear Shift







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When should I check the transmission fluid?
You should check the transmission fluid regularly. Try to check it at least once a month or at the sign of any trouble, for instance if there is any hesitation when you shift gears in an automatic.
How do I check the transmission fluid?
It’s not hard to check your transmission fluid if the vehicle is an automatic. This link to the Dummies guide to checking your transmission fluid has step-by-step instructions and illustrations that show you where to locate the dipstick. What you want is clear, pink transmission fluid. If it is low, top it up. If it is dark, smells burnt or has bits in it then you need to get it changed by at a reliable auto repair shop.
Is it really that important to check the transmission fluid?
Yes, it can be. Often times the symptoms you’ll experience from low or dirty transmission fluid will be the same as transmission problems. If you check the fluid levels regularly and refill as necessary then you’ll know if there are any symptoms of trouble that it’s not because the fluid levels are low and you need to see a mechanic.
Are there different types of transmission fluid?
How do I know what to buy? Yes, there are many different types of transmission fluid, each designed for a certain transmission. Different vehicles require different transmission fluids and the age of the car can also be a factor because newer transmissions take different types of transmission fluids than older vehicles. Don’t guess! Find out which type of transmission fluid is required for your vehicle by checking your owner’s manual.
What is a transmission flush and should I get one?
A transmission flush is used by some auto repair shops with the goal of flushing out debris. Auto Tech does not do any sort of transmission flush. Flushing an older transmission can cause harmful sediment to get stuck in the solenoids of the transmission. We heavily favor regular maintenance to lengthen the life of your transmission. We service the transmission by changing fluid and the filter and do not recommend having your transmission flushed.
How do I know I have a fluid leak from the transmission?
Transmission fluid is slightly pink in color – it will appear pink or red, or possibly more brownish if the transmission fluid is dirty and needs to be replaced. When you feel transmission fluid it will be slick and oily on your fingers. It smells much like oil unless it is dirty, in which case it will smell burnt. Usually transmission fluid leaks around the front or middle of your vehicle, so if you find puddles of reddish liquid there it is probably transmission fluid. Another clue is if in addition to the leak your transmission is not working well and you notice changes in the way it sounds when you shift gears, or if shifting gears is not working as well. In this case you likely have a leak of transmission fluid that is impacting how your transmission operates.


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مستخدم رقم 15

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سيارة جميلة

ما هو متوسط تكلفة المواصلات في اسطنبول؟
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مستخدم رقم 14

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سيارة جميلة

ما هو أرخص يوم لحجز رحلات طيران إلى اسطنبول؟
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مستخدم رقم 9

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كانت السيارة رائعة

ما هو متوسط السعر للطعام في اسطنبول؟
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مستخدم رقم 13

30-12-2020 07:08

طريقة سهلة لاكتشاف المدينة

شرفة رائعة، ولكن المدخل عادي
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